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Whether it’s a certain component you are looking for or you are seeking to sell stock surplus – we are here to assist you. As a hard-working and results-driven team, we strive to provide clients with the best results possible – and have a proven track record of doing so! Need a component or part that another distributor could not find? You came to the right place! Due to our special relationships with suppliers, we have direct access to their stock and are the first to get our hands on the newest components and parts. Whatever you may need – our team of professionals will not only get it done but exceed your expectations doing so!

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Whether you are looking to buy or sell an aircraft, our experienced aircraft trading team is here to help.

With our wide range of connections and resources in the aviation market, we offer clients hassle-free and cost-efficient solutions that will satisfy both the buyer and seller.

  • Wide range of connections and resources
  • Experienced aircraft trading team
  • Hassle-free and cost-efficient solutions

Landing gear program

Following Windaero’s Overhaul and Exchange programs, we work with world-class repair shops in order to ensure only the highest quality. Due to our close relationships with suppliers, we have the best prices for Landing Gear and as a result, can offer lower repair costs. Our goal is to help maintain the highest value of an aircraft, so it could spend more time doing what it’s meant to do –  fly in the air, not in a repair shop.

At Windaero, we provide a full beginning-to-end service for landing gear, including all the information from the OEMs, a warranty period, and documenting all of the records. Basically just fast, high-quality service, promising to keep you in the loop every step of the way. We maintain very close relationships with our customers throughout the whole LG repair period, therefore we can assure you will always know what is happening.

To ensure that we are offering reliable, high-quality LG, we expect that airlines contact us in advance to arrange an exchange before the date of the repair or purchase.

In need of a quick repair for your engine nacelles? You can count on Windaero to get the job done.

Nacelles repair program – specializing in repair, overhaul or primary and secondary  airframe structures, and nacelles systems (CFM, PW, CF34, RR, GE, TRENT, and IAE), comprised of advanced composites materials. With Windaero our business partners, and alliances, we can provide customers like yourselves with complete coverage on many different levels, stemming from repairs, overhauls, and spares (Rotables & Expendables), to exchanges when time is truly of the essence.

We continue to expand on the company’s overall capabilities, services, and training of its employees, making sure that we stay on the forefront of today‘s technology, materials, and processes. In addition, staying informed, and making sure that our customers receive, and continue to receive the very best possible service, support, and solutions, available in today‘s highly competitive MRO environment.

With our comprehensive expertise and proven track record of success, we can assure you the fastest, most flexible repair solutions.

Have stock surplus or unsolicited engines, spare components, consumables & piece parts?

Willing to stop maintaining these assets on your books?
Windaero is always searching for stock surplus to buy for its members!

Our team of aviation professionals is here to relieve the burden of stock surplus. Get in touch and we will conduct a detailed stock audit to help you optimize your rotatable spare parts. Based on your fleet size and configuration, the part reliability and repair time (TAT), we will define the optimal level of quantity per P/N to guarantee the permanent availability of rotatable parts, with minimal risk of AOG. Additional services include:

  • On-site inventory and stock review;
  • Proposal of re-sale for non-moving items through our marketplace.

Stop wasting your time with unsold items. When surplus inventory is dragging your operations and finances down, Windaero can help you. Let’s work together, get in touch with our technical team now!

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We may be a small company, but due to our especially close relationships with suppliers, we are the first to access their newest components & parts, allowing us to provide what other distributors cannot find in the market.


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